b. 1986, HK.


My story is a tale of rupture, repair and rediscovering radiance.

As a child I wandered the Australian countryside, a little wild child talking to trees, dancing with the wind and staring up at a blanket of stars.

As I grew up I became a little bit lost.  OK, a lot lost. I was lonely and without purpose, a young mother and wife who was not being true to her inner self. I experienced grief, harm to my mind, body and soul through pretending to be something I wasn't.  

Then, at age 32, I ruptured. In a desperate attempt to save myself I took a daring chance to put myself back together. I walked away from all that didn't serve me with nothing but a little car, a bag of clothes and my children. Slowly, I put myself back together, starting a long process of inner work, self development and learning from teachers from across the globe. I fed my mind, body and soul as a priority and believed with all I had that everything would work out somehow.

Now I am radiant - mostly!  There is always more happening on this crazy, wild ride. Through it all I live in alignment and use all I have learned along the way to stand tall, be seen and create magic on a daily basis.  

I live to connect ever more deeply with me, with others and with all that is wild and unknown.

My whole being is on fire to ignite mind, body and soul medicine in women. I love to collect stories and share all that I have learned to create even more radiant, sexy and magical women around the world.

Well nourished women will change the world.